I know that it can be better but why are people still complaining about the tag team division in the WWE? Aside from the brand split era there’s usually only 3 or 4 tag teams thriving at once in the WWE ever and the rest are essentially jobber teams that you don’t wanna count ever and right now there are 3 teams in the picture and maybe 4 on the main roster which is kinda normal for time periods after 1994 so…

The tag team division allows the WWE to showcase more talent, in less time. There are a ton of guys not getting time on tv. Part of this is due to the fact that Raw & Smackdown are now both “Supershows" which follow the same storyline, with he same characters. When we had two tag team titles, on two different shows, the WWE was able to showcase more talent in less time. 

This is one reason why I am all for splitting the shows back up at some point, (well that and I thought the draft was cool) or at least building a bigger tag team division. Curt Hawkins & Zack RIder could be on RAW. I really see the WWE using their tag division in the opposite way however, making teams out of guys they don’t have other storylines for, but still want to push. Cesaro & Swagger might fit that bill. 

Either way a bigger tag division benefits us. We as fans should push for it, because it means more superstars on television and a more diverse product over all. Here Ricky, you can have the mic back.

What if: CM Punk Retired & became GM?


I’ve been waiting a while to write this, mostly because when he is in action there is no other place I’d want to see his talents put to use… but when CM Punk took his break before what may be and most likely is his last big run, I started typing. Due to personal reasons… I just finished. So here it is: What If CM Punk Became a GM?


Yes, Cm Punk is retiring someday. He has said numerous times that he does not want to wrestle into his 40’s and end up broken down physically. By all accounts, he has a few years left to go so dont’ freak out just yet. No one knows when he’s leaving except for he, himself and Punk, so I make no claims to have that knowledge. All the same, time is a finite resource. 

I’ll give the younger fans a moment for that to sink in, but the reality is that no one wrestles forever, (Terry Funk, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan excluded, because they may each try). CM Punk is no exception. Nor should he be. So if we only have a few more, (maybe less than several) years to go… where does Punk go from here?

…But Punk can’t retire

CM Punk is already one of the most important to wrestlers to ever work in sports entertainment as we know it. I’m not trying to over sell it, but he is. He truly is a person who has changed the way mainstream wrestling works. He single-handedly changed the fate of the three main companies in wrestling with one single shoot promo. 

Like many hall of famers, Punk has wrestled all over the world… from school gyms in the mid-west, to giant stadiums half way across the world. His legacy is more than secure as the man who brought renewed hope to a flailing industry. In fact, with his recent run of holding the title for the bulk of two years after dethroning John Cena… Punk made a short buildup fued & his match with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania better than anyone else could have. Some may say there really isn’t much left for Punk to do… but they’re wrong. 

If we have a few more years left, then surely there has to be a last chapter of his in ring career. I for one have high hopes for him leaving a great anti-hero, walking out of Wrestlemania while “Misteria Encantante” plays loudly after he’s defeated a dastardly Super-heel Cena. Hey, a guy can dream! However it goes down, we are in for a treat. Knowing the end is coming, you should all relax and enjoy the last chapter of his competitive years. 

Why would Punk Want to be GM? 

Aside from being able to contribute to a company in a capacity where he could genuinely help with the coarse of events… Punk has often shown an interest and strong capacity for the details of how things work back stage. It is well documented in his DVD as well as many other interviews that he does have interest in behind the scenes & production work.  If you like something enough, why not learn how to expand your role?

Don’t expect immediate gratification

If and when Punk does retire, he might not want to jump into more work immediately  Well deserved time off is something most folks don’t turn down & if his exit is as harmonious as he deserves there won’t be much left undone for CM Punk.

However, should he choose to return in another capacity I doubt anyone would turn him away. His charisma alone is money. Print dollar bills with his face on them and fans will buy them. Any time he has a mic he is worth his weight in gold, and any company would be happy to make money utilizing his talents. 

Cool, Punk can be GM of Smackdown or Raw, maybe even both! 

True, the WWE would surely love to have Punk as a GM. Punk can learn a lot working for the largest sports entertainment company in the world behind the scenes. In fact he already has learned quite a bit by all accounts. The WWE would be wise to make him a GM of either, or maybe even both shows. Perhaps they could have a surprise announcement via tout from a member of the board just as things begin to look bleak. There are a ton of angles where the shows need new leadership and who better to take the reigns than someone who knows every trick in the book. Someone who knows what it’s like to give it your all every time you step into the squared circle…

Punk may even be up for it. After all, he could have the mic all the time without having to be body slammed. Then again, maybe he’s just done working with these people. Maybe he can’t stand creative, or politics. Maybe the biggest outsider the WWE has ever known is just that. Maybe there’s another place that would hang on his every word. Somewhere he’d be respected and have a very serious and real level of control. No, I’m not talking about TNA. They didn’t even have the sense to hire Heyman when they had the chance. I’m talking about a promotion that is just now starting to saturate the television market. A company that is founded on principal. A place that will honor one of the greatest minds the business has ever known.

                                    - RING OF HONOR - 


Punk is one of the most legendary alumni of Ring of Honor, & since they have come so very far over the past few years it might just be perfect timing that they get their TV stuff together right as Punk is ready to take on such a role. Not only are the events seemingly on coarse to make this a possibility, but there is no chance that WWE would give Punk the type of control he wanted. So why not return to ROH? 

It is indeed a very different company from 2005. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t be on the verge of becoming a nationally televised promotion. Their PPV’s are going well, (better than when they used to cut out) & they have managed decent story lines over the past two years that don’t mess with the in ring action. There is history there, & if ROH needed someone to take over the role of GM for their promotion once it begins to draw on a national scale there aren’t many names bigger than CM Punk. 


Why would Punk go to ROH?


CM Punk was supposed to have more creative input on his direction & leeway since he skipped town with the gold that fateful night in 2011. hell he even threatened to go back to ROH with Vince’s title during his infamous pipe bomb promo. While there were many reports that he did gain a lot of freedom.  I’m sure that for things might have been great for a while, but there is just no way Vince, or HHH would let him run anything legitimately. I would hope that Vince would let Punk do a lot of what he wants, but with many sources reporting that Punk has been at odds with creative more often as of late frustration could high for everyone.

 There have been many folks on both sides of the creative process that have talked about the tension that exists backstage and how it affected them in their tenure. If Punk’s experience is anything close to other first person accounts, then I could see him not wanting to return to the WWE long term.  I mean who wants to stress over being semi-reitred? I just think that the WWE’s way of doing things is, more or less, set in stone. Again, I don’t know that there have for sure been any problems, but the environment is well documented as being a difficult one. 

It seems to be historically true that when Punk is unscripted he’s at his best, & when Punk is at his best the company makes more money. With new ownership, TV deals, & writing, a company in their development offers more opportunity for folks to get on board and get involved. Ring of Honor is just that and for the next few years as it grows into a nationally recognized brand they will need star power. Punk can bring that and more. 

 Nigel McGuiness is doing a great job, but eventually his role will have gotten a little stale. It happens to everyone, maybe he’ll just want to have some time off himself. Either way, Im’ sure even if the two needed to coexist in different roles, it shouldn’t be cause for concern.

In the end, an ROH with Punk in a leadership role is a dream to drool over! I for one see it as the ultimate match made in heaven. You may disagree, but the point is that some day CM Punk may get to be a creative force behind the scenes and I for one would love to see it happen!

Offensive as wrestling study II

This time we had almost a dozen folks lend their time to help with this study. I will tell you that not a whole lot of folks want to do this, especially once you start to realize that it kinda ruins the whole experience of watching wrestling. You notice everything  that is awful and it is frustrating. I wanna thank everyone that helped whether you watched 3 hours or 30! I would like to think that this will help others discuss these topics, and slowly help to create more dialogue about what we as fans will and will not tolerate from these entertainment companies. Oh, sorry about the late publication. I got sick and my car blew up so this got delayed a bit. 

The results:

ROH - Ring Of Honor

Racist things per hour:         0.44

Sexist things per hour:         1.86


Ableist things per hour:         0.0


Notes: ROH did not get docked for not having female wrestling matches last time because it did not have a women’s division. This time was way different because now they kind of sort of do. The majority of sexism and racism almost all came from the companies big heel mouth piece announcer, Steve Corino. The next biggest offender was the sexist comments of the other two announcers Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness, (who has changed roles during the course of the month). Homophobia is rare in ROH, but when it happens it is blatant. The Crowd has started to defend against certain acts of lazy prejudiced heeldom with chants like “That was racist!” Ableism was not observed in Roh during this period.

TNA - Impact Wrestling/Total Nonstop Action

Racist things per hour:        0.67

Sexist things per hour:        1.28


Ableist things per hour:        0.25

Notes: The bulk of TNA’s overt racism is still directed at Latinos. Their more subtle acts are numerous though. The majority of its sexism was seen in comments made about female wrestlers by TAZ, & even Mike Tenay gets in on the sexism now-a-days. Homophobia in TNA is subtle and usually implied without much dialogue about why someone doesn’t like another person. To say it doesn’t exist isn’t true, but it is very vague so it goes largely unnoticed. Ableism in TNA is usually found in intimidating insults from heels, more specifically Bully Ray.

WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment. 

Racist things per hour:         1.35

Sexist things per hour:         1.64


Absleist things per hour:      0.11

Notes: If NXT women’s matches weren’t included their sexist events per hour would have been a little bit higher. Also NXT is not sexist towards women the way that the main TV products are. Without NXT averaging the WWE numbers and bringing them down the totals were much higher. Their racism was all over the place with The Great Khali, Alberto Del Rio, and Ricardo Rodriguez serving as repeated targets. Homophobia in the WWE is low key and usually made in a joking manner. It is not very common, but does happen more frequently in heated and prolonged programs. Ableism is usually directed at Hornswoggle.



I will get everyone who conspired against me: Every single one of your associates, everybody who profited from it, everybody who had knowledge of it, anybody who enjoyed it!

The truth is, you don’t have a future because I’m gonna burn down everything around you until you’re the last man…

Great post

Offensive as wrestling study 2

Last year, we posted a study to try to answer a few questions of curiosity.  Is any one wrestling company inherently more sexist or racist than the others? Are they all the same? This year, our goal is to expand the scope to include ableism as well.  Since all three major companies have women’s divisions there will be no difference between them this year. 

Anyone who wants to can participate in the study. The guidelines are simple. You watch at least one wrestling show from each promotion, (ROH, WWE, TNA) and keep track of each thing you personally find sexist, racist, or ableist . The wrestling episode has to occur between 6/01/2013 & 7/4/2013.

Anything offensive has to be recorded with a short description of the act and why the person found it to be possibly offensive, even if they were not personally offended.  Then the data will be collected, and the number of offensive things will be averaged by category & subcategory and divided it by the number of hours that company was watched. 


Person A watched      Racist acts    Sexist acts     Ableist acts

15 hours of WWE         10                      5                    2

3 hours of ROH              3                       2                    1 

6 hours of TNA                6                       4                    2

The only reason we ask that you keep notes is to see if there is a further pattern for each company… (Just try to write who was saying or acting in a prejudicial manner & what they did). Does the WWE have shorter women’s matches? Is ROH more sexist toward men than women? Is TNA the most racist due to their commentary? These are questions that can only be answered by notes. 

If you would like to participate & have any questions message me.  There is no maximum, but if you do participate you must watch at least an hour of each promotion. Submissions are welcome at any time, but must be in by July 4th in order to be averaged in a timely manner. 

Results will be posted as soon as possible afterward. 




prowrestlingreview said: Emotionally abused gf face, Sexy tese tweener & Crazy sex object/bitch heel… Yeah that’s the WWE’s whole range of female characters. They’ve used their go to archetypes. She obviously has to retire now

(sorry just responding to your comment from yesterday. Very…

I completely agree, my original comment was meant to be sarcasm. I am somewhat less optimistic about the WWE’s ability to write positive roles for women on air. I think AJ has helped show them how much women can draw.

I do have hope that their renewed commitment to training for and developing their women’s division. I wish they’d see the value in hiring female wrestlers to be superstars to perform in the ring instead of hiring models and training them to wrestle.  I do believe that we will see an expanded division over the next 5 years, but the fact that it was down to six women at one point was sad in my opinion. 

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I was so happy when I saw your response.